Review of First by K.C. Wells

FirstFirst by K.C. Wells

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5-4 stars

I was pretty conflicted about picking up this book.

Porn, yes, please. I love stories about porn actors. But K.C. Wells and me have not proven to be a good match in the past. This is the 4th book of hers I have picked up, and two of them I have had to just put down again, unfinished…

That was not the case here, though. This was a very enjoyable and (almost too) sweet story about an aging porn actor and a young naive man getting together.

Tommy is 19, just coming to turns with the fact that he is gay and crushing hard on the bartender at a local gay pub. His coming out to his religious parents does not go well, but luckily he has a support system in the shape of his dorm roommate extremely accepting family.

Mike is 43, a porn veteran, with 20 years of acting under his belt, who works part time as a bartender in a gay sports bar. He is attracted to Tommy, but their relationship starts out as a bit a “Gay big brother” arrangement, due to their age difference, until Mike clues on to the fact, that Tommy wants him.

The conflict in the story was obvious from the get go: Mike’s porn career. And you just knew, that the secrecy was going to blow up in his face. But even when the conflict is at it’s highest the two MCs actually try and talk it out, which was a nice touch.

This was one the more “real” depictions of porn I have read in MM-romance. I put the word real in quotation marks because I do not actually know, if this is “more real” than other books I have read, but at least it felt more real, with issues such a gay for pay actors, bare backing and HIV positive actors being mentioned. That was a nice touch. A lot of the time porn in romance books seems like one big happy fuck fest, with no issues other than the fact that other people are judgmental about it.

The romance part – and specially the ending – was a bit too rushed for me. I would also have enjoyed a bit more digging into the 20+ age difference. But all in all, this was a very enjoyable story.

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