Review of Acrobat by Mary Calmes

AcrobatAcrobat by Mary Calmes

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

1.5 stars

I litterally have no words for how stupid I felt this story was. Nate was so ridiculously NICE and loved by all and good looking and helpful and fantastic that my eyes hurt from rolling in to the back of my head. The MCs goes from not talking for 4 years to then moving in together within 24 hours and proclaiming ever lasting love. Urgh! Spare me!

There was a character gallery of 126 superflous characters that brought NOTHING to the story, except telling us all how faboulous Nate was. Gag.

For the socalled plot / action? There was none, but suffice to say, that had I been playing the Mary Calmes Drinking Game I would have been rip roaring drunk about 20% into the book.
That might have helped though. It was such a chore to read this book that it took me almost two weeks and I had to devise a reward system, where I was allowed to read another book for each chapter I finished.

It gets 1 star for lovely writing and editing and the extra half star because Nate got stabbed.

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