Review of Chosen by the Billionaire by E. Davies

Chosen by the BillionaireChosen by the Billionaire by E. Davies

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2 stars

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This was a very easy and quick read. The writing flowed nicely and there were no major editing errors, mistakes or omissions that pulled you out of the story.

Sebastian is the billionaire CEO of a tech company that makes lifestyle apps. Their newest app – a gay dating app – is just about ready to launch when Sebastian enters a gay dating show / reality tv show in order to create buzz about the app and to find true love.

Liam is his personal assistant of two years, who keeps his life running smoothly and also steps up to make sure the app launch goes through in spite of Sebastian’s absence.

The premise of the story is that Sebastian finally realises what he has “at home” when faced with what the world has to offer. However, the set up means that the two MCs spends all of ten minutes together daily tops. Which really created a believability problem for me.

I didn’t see the development of emotion or attraction here at all. Our two MCs have no chemistry, there is no sexual tension. In fact there is nothing at all, except a few platonic hugs and two chaste kisses until the final chapter of the book, which is one long sex scene, which comes a bit out of nowhere, for me at least…

Up until the 87% mark my 80 year old religious grandmother could have read the book without batting an eye lid I believe. And then the two MCs suddenly get it on. Now, I absolutely love on page sex. In fact I kind of need it in my books, but it needs to make sense. And it really didn’t in this setting. The way the book was build, it would have been a much more satisfactory ending if the two had gone on a date and had a tentative HFN ending…

In spite of this, I was ready to give the book 3 stars. It was short and easy to read, and in spite of the missing tension between our two MCs I was finding myself well enough entertained.

But then the author decided to add a pet peeve of mine, when these two decide to have unprotected sex! so NOT hot! I don’t care if it is MF or MM or menage. Nobody with an IQ higher than a chicken should have unprotected sex with a partner they know nothing about! So that dropped the book another star for me! This might not bother other readers, but it is a pet peeve of mine.

All in all, an ok read, but I needed more chemistry between the characters or at least more of a build up to the sex and I needed condoms!

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