Review of Crossed Hearts by K. Vale

Crossed Hearts (Hearts and Scars, #1)Crossed Hearts by K. Vale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

4-4.5 stars.

Will is an part time EMT and mortician, with a big heart full of hopeless romantic dreams, which he pins on his bastard of a boyfriend. with the result of him being single quicker than you can say ‘douchebag’.

Kory is an ex-pornstar, living in abject poverty, doing his best to start over and trying to be worthy of the new heart he received from a dead teenager.

This was a lovely story. Sweet and light and with a bit of angst. As always with Ms. Vale’s writing, the prose flows nicely and you get pulled into the story immediately. The MCs are likeable and you root for their happy ending, even if you know she will put them through quite a few hoops to get there.

I loved the growth Kory’s character went through, even if I would have liked more angsting in the beginning, concerning his promise to himself and god and also about his physical capabilities.

The only aspect of the story I really didn’t like, was the ex-boyfriend, Darryl the Douchebag, even if I do get that he was there for a reason, (view spoiler)

I hope that the next book in this series will be about Matt, and I hope through that, we will get some flashbacks of Brandon. Because even though he dies in the first few pages of this book, I kind of fell in love with him through his family.

Even if I have no idea, as to how realistic the scenario is – that the donor family is allowed to contact the recipient (it wouldn’t be possible here, but it might be in the US, I don’t know) – it was still a wonderful little side story, and I love the author’s attempt to show how important organ donation is. Please ensure that your loved ones know, if you wish to donate.

All in all, this was very enjoyable and as with Ms. Vale’s other series “Shooting stars”, a story that draws you in and makes you want the next book in the series as soon as possible.

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