Review of Dorm Game by Daryl Banner

Dorm Game (The Brazen Boys, #1)Dorm Game by Daryl Banner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 – 4 stars.
I thought this was going to be PWP really. But it turned out to be quite different.

Michael has a major crush on a fellow student in his intro to psych class, Andrew. He grabs thhe chance of partnering up with Andrew for a project in class and their relationsship develop from that and later into being roommates.

I really lacked Andrew’s perspective in this. He came across as a bit of an asshole. Aloof and annoying – what’s his deal? What’s his back story? Why is he like this? How did the world fuck him over, in order for him to behave like this? Without any of these explanations, I would have definetely given up on him waaaaaay earlier in the story, had I been Michael.

The story ends on a HFN note, and since this is book 1 in the series, I am hoping that the author would return to Andrew and Michael at a later stage, preferably in a story with pov from both of them or from Andrew.

It’s well written and there is a whole story here, despite the lack of length. Interesting read.

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