Review of Obedience Training by Mya Lairis

Obedience Training (Ian McAllistor #1)Obedience Training by Mya Lairis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5-4 stars

This was a difficult story for me. Even at the very end of it, I wasn’t sure whether or not I actually liked it. But I did enjoy it and read it more or less in one sitting…

Ian is a werewolf, the single male in a matriarchal pack and is having a hard time finding his place between bullying sisters, a cuddling mother and an absent drunken father.

He strikes out on his own, and this is where we meet him for the first time. Ian is a lone wolf and basically a bit of an asshole. He lives to fight and fuck and that is about it. He has grown in to quite a big wolf and finding challenging opponents is a bit of a problem. So when he meets a monster of a werewolf in the forest he is ready for a brawl.

The confrontation does not go as he expects however, as the beast turns out to be domesticated by a much smaller werewolf, who does not allow the fight to go on, but instead invites Ian to join them for the weekend. Ian is curious and accepts the invitation. And so begins Ians journey into the world of submission.

As stated, Ian is a bit of an asshole, and he has issues by the bucket load when it comes to authority figures, so the journey is not a smooth one. It is interesting though.

Warning: Spoilers ahed!
I see that some reviewers are upset about the fact that we the reader are given the impression that Ian should have a HEA with Gray and Douglas and then suddenly he is turned over to a new master. I am not!

Even though Ian has submitted to Gray, when we reach the party scene, I never really felt that it was whole hearted (as Gray also points out!). To him, at this stage, it was just a game – although it was a game he enjoyed.

With his new master however, Ian is forced to submit everything he is. But at the same time, he learns that submission is not weakness. It is strength. And that Khalid is only the master, because Ian chooses to submit to him.

This story is quite different – sex wise – from other shifter stories I have read, as Ian partially shifts during arousal, which means that claws, teeth and fur are a part of the sex scenes. Also one of his lovers is a Golem – an ancient warrior race, who is very large and has 4 arms – so there is sex across species here, which might put some people off.

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