Review of Poor Little Rich Boy by Kate Sherwood

Poor Little Rich BoyPoor Little Rich Boy by Kate Sherwood

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3-3.5 stars

I received a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

Poor little rich boy is the story of Nick and Alex, the rich boy and the housekeepers son, who grew up together and were inseparable, first as friends, later as lovers. In college Nicks recklessness almost causes Alex to loose his scholarship. Nicks father intervenes and saves Alex’s future, but only by sacrificing hos own son, Alex sacrifice their relationship for the same cause. Hurt and angry Nick leaves town And doesn’t return until a decade later, and this is when our story begins…

I enjoyed the story, but felt a few things were lacking. I would have loved a longer prologue. There are so many things hinted at about the past, but I would have liked more, to truly see and understand this apparently deep love, which was strong enough to last through years of separation, however much neither of them wants to admit to it.

Enjoyable though the story was I had a hard time with the MCs. I sincerely disliked both of them a lot of the time, even though their actions did make sense in the angsty setting, they still annoyed me. I ended up kind of being ok with both of them, but I am still not sure I actually liked them… More epilogue or just another chapter of them reconciling might have gone a long way for me in that regard. The ending came off a little to smooth and rushed.

All in all though an enjoyable read, in spite of the short comings, I very much enjoyed the authors voice and will be looking for more from her.

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