Review of Safe in His Arms by Renae Kaye

Safe in His ArmsSafe in His Arms by Renae Kaye

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

2.5-3 stars

I love Renae Kay! I have absolutely adored all of her other books and will continue to buy what she publishes. But this one was a miss for me.

Casey is living with his grandmother in a caravan park, trying to deal with his past, when he runs into Lon at the communal showers. Lon is miner, home on two weeks leave and confronts the young man staring at him in the showers. One thing leads to another and the two hit it off.

The story was incredibly slow and I found myself losing interest repeatedly, putting the book down and doing something else, and yet, the romance and relationship was incredibly rushed! Weirdly enough! I never understood how and when the two fell in love or what the attraction was – especially from Lon’s point of view. WHY did he fall for Casey?

I never really came around to liking Casey. I didn’t feel he was believable, coming from the past he did, and I kind of felt that his only attraction to Lon, was the fact that Lon was big enough to ensure no-one hurt him. I really, really wished that the author hadn’t given Casey the past she did, because something like that needs to play a part in the story, if it’s there. And I didn’t feel it did. And really, Lon had freaking drama and back story coming out of the kazoo, that would have been more than plenty…

All of the action really takes place in the last 80 pages of the book, up until then nothing much happens. Casey kept going off on these loooong speaches, which was telling us all sorts of things about his feelings and his past, but really they were symptomatic of the whole book. A whole lot of telling and not enough showing!

So yeah, sorry Ms. Kay, I really loved all of your previous books and rest assured, that I will buy the next one too, but this one, wasn’t for me.

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