Review of Sex, Ties and Videotape by Eva LeFoy

Sex, Ties and Videotape (Love Hurts, #1)Sex, Ties and Videotape by Eva LeFoy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

2.5-3 stars.

I received a free copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Short little read about a love triangle between Geoff, Pal and Brian. Unfortunately it was too short and felt rushed to me.

Our story starts out in a bar, about a month after Brian and Geoffrey breaks up because Brian has posted a video on youtube of Geoffrey blindfolded and gagged. Geoffrey is drinking and feeling lonely when Paul walks in.

Paul used to be Brians best friend, but can’t condone what Brian did to Geoffrey. Furthermore he is in love with Geoffrey himself, and sees this as his opportunity.
It’s Valentines day, Geoffrey is depressed and ends up going home with Paul. Due to his history with Brian however, Geoff doesn’t trust Paul or himself further than a hook up.

Brian keeps popping up in the story, and he annoyed me quite a lot. He was portraied as such an asshole, that I found it difficult to believe that anyone would have wasted 2 years being with him.
Furthermore Paul and Brians “macho” possesive alpha behaviour and several fist fights! Were just stupid and tiresome. They made me want Geoffrey to leave and not choose either of them!

Then there is the sex. I don’t know, if I have become jaded after reading many many BDSM books, but it becomes a bit too sanitized for me, when we need a safeword for just a bit of rough sex?
Also, I didn’t feel Paul was in to this? I agree that Geoffrey had submissive tendencies that he should definitely explore with someone, but I didn’t feel Paul was engaged in the BDSM games? It just felt like he played along for Geoffreys sake.

All in all, the story did have promise, but suffered greatly from the lack of lenght, as there was no time to really develop the characters or the relationship between Paul and Geoff.

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