Review of Slave Boy by Evangeline Anderson

Slave BoySlave Boy by Evangeline Anderson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

2.5-3 stars

Spoilers ahead!

Well, this was just its very own brand of silliness. LOL.

I very much enjoyed it though – like a kind of guilty pleasure. It made me laugh out loud several times – although I guess the situations were not meant to be amusing, but come on…The only way to save an entire planet from destruction is by fucking? The only way to save Wrens life is by giving him a blowjob? How do you even come up with this idea? LOL

Wren is a novice of the Order of light. A young man rescued from a slave trader when he was just a boy, by Master Haven. The Order of light are some kind of warrior munks, who travel the universe negotiating peace. And it is on such a peacenegotiations mission that we join Wren and Haven.

In order to not offend the Tiberian emperor, Wren have to pretend to be Havens pleasure slave. A very easy role for the young man to fall into as he is madly in love (and lust) with his master already.

When they manage to fuck and suck their way through the negotiations, the real trouble begins…

As I said, this is a very silly story, with the most ridiculous reasons to have sex with a partner forbidden to you. But it is still a very entertaining read.

oh, afterthought, if you have read Ms. Andersons “The assignment” – you don’t really need to read this one. The story is more or less the same, just set in space with a master / sub relationship instead…

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