Review of The Trouble With Tony by Eli Easton

The Trouble With Tony (Sex in Seattle, #1)The Trouble With Tony by Eli Easton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4-4.5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Let me start out by saying, that I absolutely adored Tony and all his troubles. I laughed so hard through his initial visit at the sex clinic… But, lets start at the beginning.

Tony is a 30 year old ex-cop turned PI. He is italian-american and out of a big happy family, but has chosen to live far away from them (he is in Seattle, the family is in Brooklyn) as he hasn’t had the nerve to actually ever tell them he is gay.
He is investigating a closed case on the suspicious death of a young woman. The case leads him to a sex clinic and the womans’sexual therapist Dr. Jack Halloran.

Jack is an army vet. Retired war hero, army surgeon, who was wounded in battle and therefore no longer able to perform surgery. He has retrained to become a sex therapist, but ironically, hasn’t had a sexual relationship himself since his discharge from the army.
Tony decides to go undercover, as a patient at the sex clinic, in order to investigate Dr. Jacks role in the young womans’ death.

Describing the main characters and the subplot of a murder investigation, could lead someone to believe that this would be a crime or suspense novel, but they would be wrong.
This is pure Easton. Light hearted fun with sexual tension and chemistry. And oh so adorable. I actually sighed happily when I finished the book!

So why not 5 stars? There were a few things I wished would have been more prominent in the book (these might be a bit spoiler-ish):

– Tony’s closet. I would have liked for the author to explore this topic a little more. Tony is from a very happy family, albeit full of testosterone and machismo, but still? He is close with both his mother and his brothers. Some further exploration into why he chose not to tell would have been nice.

– Jacks PTSD. We get a small intriguing glimpse at the beginning of the story, but other than that it does not play a major role. I would have enjoyed a bit of angst and a few scenes where that came out to play.

– Jacks scars and body image. Would have liked more on this, but thats probably just because I would have liked more sexy times between the two leads 😉

The ending was lovely – as I said: Happy sigh! Nice little epilogue, but I would have liked more. But I guess, that’s the sign of a good book, that you do not really want it to be over.

I will be buying the second book in the series right away and can hardly wait for the third one (Michaels story!) – which should be released sometime this summer according to the authors website!

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