Review of Touch me Not by Genna Donaghy

Touch Me NotTouch Me Not by Genna Donaghy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

This was a very interesting story, I absolutely loved the premise here. In this alternate universe pairings are not divided into gender and sexual preference or orientation, but into dominants and submissives. You can have voluntary relations ship, and even marry whomever you choose, but these relationships will automatically be dissolved if one of the partners meet one of their true mates.
True mates are hard to find – only a handful of people will be able to fulfill this for a person and the only way to find them is through touch.

Jake is a sub, who owns his own ranch – a rarity in a society where doms own everything, including their subs – and he is NOT looking to be mated, thank you very much.
A big corporation is moving in to the area, trying to gain the mineral rights over the lands and they want Jake’s property.

Henry, a powerful dom, is overseeing the operations of obtaining the mineral rights in the area and is not looking to be mated either. But when he accidentally stumbles upon his mate, he is not going to accept rejection.

I enjoyed both of the MC’s and their ‘mating dance’ with one another. The strong connection between them, made it a very interesting read. INterestingly enough, there was hardly any sex in the story, which surprised me, considering the premise this story was built upon. But it didn’t suffer from it.
There was a very interesting world built here, and I would have loved to have known more. Unfortunately, I felt that I was left with too many loose ends and holes in my knowledge,which is why I cannot rate it any higher…

I don’t know if the author plans a sequel, but if she did, I would read it and hope that the story brought me the answers I was left without in this one.

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