Review of Keeping House by Lee Brazil

Keeping House (Truth or Dare #1)Keeping House by Lee Brazil

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

What was this? Was it supposed to be a fairy tale or realism? It didn’t live up either of the categories, so I just don’t know how to categorise it.

I cannot fully disclose how much I disliked this book, without adding spoilers, so if you still want to read it, you may want to skip this review.

Mischa is a trust fund baby, who lives the high life, mainly to annoy his brothers. He smokes pot and drinks and parties in gay clubs. As a part of a plot to “set him straight” his brothers dare him to get a job and live on his own means for a year.
He gets a job as a housekeeper / cook / gardener with our other MC, Donovan. Donovan has worked his way up in advertising, after a childhood spent taking care of his pot addicted hippie parents.

—– Here come the spoilers ——-

So far, so good. I thought – this sound like my kind of story. A bit of angst, opposites attract, funny situations when the rich kid has to figure out how to navigate “the real world” etc.

But boy, was I disappointed. Now, don’t get me wrong. I can live with insta-lust, I can even accept insta-love now and again – but this? NO! The first kiss occurs on the evening Mischa moves in – without any sort of reason, there is no sexual tension written into the scene, more of a “hey, you are gay, I am gay, there are incestuous twins kissing on the porch, and we are standing quite close together – lets kiss! what?

The next one in the morning after. And on the second morning they “make love” and declare their love for one another! On the third day they are “partners” and two months later (in the epilogue) they get a kid!

Come on! Give me a break before I throw up! This felt like a story written by a teenagegirl.

The storyline was ridiculous, the writing was boring. There was no tension between the characters. Donovan spouts his “sad childhood” completely out of nowhere and Mischa is stupid. His friends are creepy and his brothers bafoons.

The epilogue sets up the next story – which is obvisouly about the gay incest twins and one of the brothers. I will not be wasting time and money on that.

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