Review of To the Highest Bidder by Kate Steele

To the Highest BidderTo the Highest Bidder by Kate Steele

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3,5 stars

Ben is in his late twenties. Gay, single and owns a bookstore with his friend Becca.
Becca bids on and wins a lunch with a popular tv actor, whose show Ben likes. This lunch becomes an early birthday present for Ben.
Becca sees this as a matchmaking opportunity as she has heard rumours that the actor, Mitch, is bi.

At the lunch, however, Mitch quickly disabuses Ben of any such notion as he makes it perfectly clear, that he doesn’t date guys.
And really, even if he did, Ben wouldn’t be interested. Because in spite of his good looks and how much Ben enjoys his TV show, Mitch is such an arrogant prick that Ben actually leaves the lunch early and decided to forget the whole sordid thing ever happened.

But then Mitch suddenly shows up at the book store to apologise and sparks seem to fly…


This was short, hot and sweet. A very light, quick Notting Hill inspired romance.

The writing was engaging and the characters likeable. I enjoyed following them. This is a short read, only just over 100 pages long, so the relationship develops a bit too quickly for my personal preference, but it works with out feeling too rushed.

The sex is hot and sweet and funny… and – halleluja! – an author not afraid of the topic of safe sex. And one who choose to have the “mood killing discussion” slap bang in the middle of the moment. Yes, it kills momentum, but it is also so much more realistic – in my personal experience anyway! I really liked that!

I do applaud the authors attempt to give both characters a solid back story, in spite of the short story, but to me Mitchs’ story became a bit too heavy and clumsy, when we didn’t get to delve more into it.

There is a lovely little epilogue at the end, which was very enjoyable. Especially because the original story really leaves off at a HFN moment. But with the epilogue we get to see the HEA and it is lovely.

Perfect litlle warm cuddly story for me here in the middle of another sleepless night. Would recommend to anyone who wants a sweet light romantic read.

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