Review of A Little Christmas Magic by K.C. Faelan

A Little Christmas MagicA Little Christmas Magic by K.C. Faelan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Ryan and Boone are best friends and have been since childhood. After a car accident Ryan suddenly decides to seize the day and accept that he is gay and in love with Boone. He is however very hampered by his own internal angst and the two need a little christmas magic to pull through…

I am a sucker for sappy Christmas stories, and will accept a lot of things that I may not accept in other novels, just to get me a bit of sentimental Christmas tinted feel good fluff. Unfortunately, this story just didn’t work for me. A lot of people liked it though, so please do not let me review stand alone, if you are considering buying it.

I was never invested in the characters, mainly because there was never anything to be invested in, no relationship to root for, because I got cheated out of every single bit of their relationship!

Ryan came across as a very unsympathetic character and I never really understood where he was coming from. But even if I accepted the ‘omg I almost died, so now I know that I love you’-epiphany, there was still nothing there to root for.

We see them kiss and are told they are going to try being together. Change scene, and it’s one week later and Ryan breaks up with Boone via text (how cowardly is that by the way? Goodbye and good riddance to bad rubbish, Boone!). Where is my relationship? I don’t even need the sex, I don’t care if you fade to black, but come on, you need to give me something that shows me these two are a good idea!

Even when Boone acts out his revenge, we are only told that he does so – we are not a part of that scene. And again for the big reconciliation scene, we are told that they talk about everything and how they feel and why they acted that way – but we are not actually a part of the conversation either!

All of this removed me completely from the story, so I really couldn’t care one way or the other if these two got together or not. Couple that with the very disjointed story line, where pieces of information was only thrown in when needed. For example: I though they were in college up until around the 50% mark, where Ryan breaks up with Boone, because he is afraid it will ruin his career. Huh? What career. I still don’t actually know which career we are talking about until around the 65% mark. That was odd, but a very clear sign, that I didn’t know the characters at all.

1,5 star for lovely writing, and the fact that Santa was gay and had a twinky elf boyfriend lol, but the story and characters left me un-engaged.

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