Review of Off Campus by Mary Jo Cousins

Off Campus (Bend or Break, #1)Off Campus by Amy Jo Cousins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Upon re-reading I stand by my 5 stars. I read this one in one sitting the first time round and did the same the second time round. And once again I find myself in love with Reese and Tom and needing to just hug them tightly.

Tom was the golden boy all his life. Good looking, wealthy, popular and part of the in-crowd. Until his father is arrested for a ponzi scheme and his entire world unravels and he is left with nothing. No home, no money, no friends and no tuition for his ivy league college tuition.

He gets by, by the skin of his teeth by working round the clock, living in his car and saving every dime he gets, in order to pay for the next term. All the while dodging journalists and everyone else. His plan is to keep his head down, work his ass off and get his education, so he can finally start his life. A life he earned all on his own merit.

He is perscribed a room in an off campus house, where he finds himself sharing with a very unwelcoming room mate, Reese.
Reese is out and proud gay, vary of jocks for good reasons and not willing to share his room with one. So he starts a campaign to get the straight boy out of his life as soon as humanly possible. As Reese’s campaign develops, Tom finds himself curiously attracted to his grumpy roommate. But even if acting on a same sex attraction is not completely foreign to him, it really doesn’t mesh well with keeping his head down.

Reese and Tom are wonderful together, and even though this story is angsty, sad and frustrating in places, it is also a wonderful story about friendship and people having your back. Warmly recommended.

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