Review of Acquainted with the Night by Tymber Dalton

Acquainted with the NightAcquainted with the Night by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3-3.5 stars

I went into this one blind. Was looking for slave fic, had this one recommended and starting reading it, without reading any reviews or anything. LOL.

Dale is drafted into the military in a post-apocalyptic human society, where there is breeding laws and wedding bans – to ensure that young men are sure to fight in the intergalactic war instead of setting up homes.
Dale doesn’t believe in the war or the governments spin on it and hates his life in the military.
He is taken as a POW and sold as a pet to an important man of the “enemy race”. Here he meets Mark, who have been living as a pet for 2 years in the household.
Human pets are very well looked after, used as sex toys and incubators by their owners. We follow Dales life with Mark, Master, heirs, friends and new pets for 40-50 years.


To sum this up? This is the most delicious ridiculous piece of WTF’ery I have ever read I think. I am not sure the author intended it this way, and I can see that I am pretty much alone in this view. But I laughed so hard!

I did not get emotional, even though there were plenty of call for it – and I am the type that cries at commercials *rolls eyes* But by the time *cry for the love of god, cry* rolled around, the author had successfully completely alienated me from any human emotions towards the characters. They were sheep – or cows I guess with the milking, or maybe chickens? I am not sure. I don’t really want to characterise them as dogs, because the dogs I live with have more personality and requests more diversity in their lives than these men did…

If I really start to think on it, I think I would feel that this book was horrid, offensive and that the characters were vapid (although certainly not flaccid) dickheads.
Some parts of the “plot” really didn’t make sense at all, but felt like they were just thrown in there for the hell of it. But if I don’t think about it, and just go with it – as I did when reading it – it was a fun enjoyable read…

For ridiculous reasons unknown to anyone, the author felt a need to have the pets spouting Robert Frost poetry at each other. It felt incredibly pretentious and put upon in my mind – same as the ridiculously pretentious title. Made me laugh and roll my eyes. I think, maybe she was trying to show that they were still human? Maybe that they were intelligent? Didn’t work. They were cows, attached to their milkers and happily doing nothing – except coming, fucking and breeding – for an entire lifetime. No thoughts, no desire to better themselves.

But as I said, if you just go with the flow, accept the stupidity and ridiculousness which is this story, you are in for a great ride. Very entertaining and easily read.

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