Review of Aftermath by Cara Dee

Aftermath (Aftermath, #1)Aftermath by Cara Dee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Considering the subject matter, this was surprisingly sweet.

Austin and Cam bond through the grueling experience of being kept hostage for 5 months by a mad man with 8 other men. Our story starts a month after they escape and have to deal with the aftermath of this experience.

Austin is an accountant, a familyman and a father of a 10 yr old girl. After the ordeal, however, he finds it i possible to slot back into the life he was once content with.
Cam was Austins cell mate in their 5 month long captivity. He is a bisexual mechanic with aspergers and anxiety. And he too have a lot of issues to try an deal with.

The statement “you are the only one who makes sense” rings very true for this story. How could anyone else even begin to understand what these two are going through.

Some warning labels are warranted for this book. Even if our story start after the men are released, the gruesome tale of their captivity are told through flashbacks and nightmares. It is not extremely graphic, but it is horrifying.
Also there is cheating. Austin is technically still with his wife the first time he and Cam become intimate. This didn’t bother me at all, but I know its a deal breaker to some.

I enjoyed this story. It was easily read, the guys were great together and there were no big conflicts from families or friends about them ending up together. They made sense.

4 stars. Recommended

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