Review of And Then I Met Him by L. Arthur

And Then I Met HimAnd Then I Met Him by L. Arthur

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Enjoyable but needs tightening up (and a lot of editing) and have some issues that I find hard to overlook.

Unlike most reviewers I have no issue with Eli’s age. Having sex at 17 seems completely reasonable behaviour to me. But I am guessing most reviewers are from countries where the age of consent is older than 15, and that is why they have issues…? The only issue I have with the sex content is the lack of condoms! For the love of god people! STD’s! Please!

But I did find it a bit too insta-love-ish. Sebastian falls instantly and hard for this boy, and I fail to see why? Eli is a horrible person! He might be sweet and shy underneath when you get to know him, but at first contact he is horrible, rude, annoying, mentally disturbed, violent and petulant. Who on earth would waste their time on that? And who would fall in love with that?

The sideplot with the mother I found kind of unbelievable and too convenient, if felt kind of clumsy compared to the rest of the story, as if it was tagged on as an afterhought.and I found Sebastian’s friends – including his new friend Matthew – annoying and not interesting to the story.

However, it was enjoyable and well written – despite the editing errors – so with some tightening up of the plot it could be a really good story.

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