Review of Bad Company by K.A. Mitchell

Bad Company (Bad in Baltimore, #1)Bad Company by K.A. Mitchell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Since I just re-read this for the 4th time and till loved it, I upped the rating to 5 stars.

I love Mitchell’s characters. They are real and flawed and a lot of the time kind of jerks. Nate is a case in point. He is so incredibly annoying that you kind of want to slap him. And yet, I can’t help loving him. Kellan is a brat. He is manipulative and spoiled and yet, he is also sweet and so charming, that he wins you over.
I love how Mitchell is all about show instead of tell. This may be the number one reason why I have read almost everyone of her books several times.

The story is a bit unbelivable, but it is funny and sexy and GFY/ straight guy virgins are my guilty pleasure. Mitchell can write sex like nobody else and the tension she can create between characters is smoking hot!

Higly recommend this and every other book in the series.

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