Review of Bear Hunter by Albert Nothlit

Bear HunterBear Hunter by Albert Nothlit

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

Sven is on the run from the law and in desperation he kidnaps Matt and keeps him prisoner in his own house. The two bond over the experience and shared losses and go on a bear hunt together.

This is a hard review to write. The first half of the book I enjoyed. I disliked both MCs and I didn’t feel Sven’s character added up, was he a good boy gone bad or was he an asshole? I am still on the fence about that. But I was interested in the story. I wanted to know what happened on the farm, why his grandfather was murdered, who were the bad guys and were they coming for him? How was his and Matts relationsship going to survive the Stockholm Syndrome thing they had going on?

But then the story changed and became something utterly ridiculous, that I had no interest in it what so ever, and was so stupid and far fetched that I couldn’t really stomach it.

Having a vendetta against an animal is just idiocy. To believe that that animal “forgive you” is ridiculous and shooting and injuring an animal and then leaving it to its own fate is incredibly unethical and cruel. So, couldn’t get behind that storyline at all.
The worst part of that storyline however, was that it took up the rest of the story, so I never got my answers, other than a few clumsy “this is what happened” sentences, which just felt like being cheated!

Other than that I never got to know the characters well enough to really care about them and their relationship, and I certainly did not see how they could possible love eachother. But the words were spoken and the end was happy, so I guess that is that.

Except for a bit of overuse of names, (nobody says the other persons name in every other sentence whe tehy speak, that makes the conversation akward), the writing was fine and I wasn’t thrown out of the story by major editing issues. The sex was hot if you enjoy two alphas battling for supremacy, but it didn’t come across as very emotional. It was fucking, plain and simple, which is great, but it didn’t really move the characters or the relationship forward.

I might try the author again, if I find an interesting blurp, but this story wasn’t for me. First half 3-3.5 stars, second half 1-1.5 stars. All round 2 stars.

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