Review of Bound by Honor by S.E. Jakes

Bound by Honor (Men of Honor, #1)Bound by Honor by S.E. Jakes

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2-2.5 stars

Well, this is a difficult review to write. I started this book once, but gave up on it halfway through. Got back to it almost 2 years later and finished it this time. Still took me a week though, and it was a bit of a struggle…

Tanner makes a promise to a dying man in a jungle, to do a scene with the man’s boyfriend – a Dom – a year after his death. When he goes to fulfill it, he meets Damon, still mired in grief and guilt over his boyfriend Jesse.
The two hurt men set out to fulfill Jesse dying request, fighting all along the way, but end up healing one another.

This book checked a lot of boxes on my “yum, yes please!”-list, unfortunately it fell just short of delivering on the promise. I never warmed to Damon, I know he had reasons for his behavior, but it was somehow not enough for me, to accept his hot and cold routine.
Tanner was a lot easier to emphatize with, but so much potential was left out. I would have liked to have seen more exploration on how difficult he finds human touch after being in combat or on why has he never bottomed, when he is such a manwhore, who will fuck anything with a pulse…
The BDSM in this is very light. There is a bit of bondage, a spanking, a few toys and a bit of public exposure, but nothing hard core and I never felt the DS dynamics between them. To them it seemed to mainly revolve around who bottomed and who topped…

Along with the strained relationship building we also have a couple of side plots. One involves violent attacks and rapes on the clients of the club Damon owns with his foster brother LC, the other involves LC himself and is clearly a set up for his story – which I presume is book 2.
The attack side plot especially seemed forced, extremely superfluous to the main story and the perpetrator far fetched.

All in all, it was a bit disappointing and I probably will not be getting book 2, when I had such a hard time finishing this story.

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