Review of But My Boyfriend is by K.A. Mitchell

But My Boyfriend Is (Florida Books, #4)But My Boyfriend Is by K.A. Mitchell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4,5 – 5 stars…

This is the 4th of AK Mitchells Florida Books series. All of the books can be read as stand alones, but if you are anything like me, you will enjoy reading them in order, as each of the books also introduce the next books MC’s. And you should! Because they are all fantastic books, and the series just gets better and better by each book…

This book revolves around Dylan, one of the younger brothers of Aron (MC of book 2 Collision Course). Dylan is NOT gay! He just likes to have quick hook ups with men in the park now and then – because he likes sex, not because he likes men! Or at least that’s what he tells himself. He keeps these hook ups a secret from everyone – including his identical twin brother, whom he normally tells everything. As this book start Dylans secrets come home to roost in a frightening way, when Dylans’ identical twin Darryl is attacked in a gay bashing in said park where Dylan goes for his “NOT gay” hook ups with men…

Mike Aurietta is a former football player turned trainer for the local college football team, he comes to Darryls’ rescue in the park and manages to catch a ride with the ambulance and worms his way into the hospital by claiming to be Darryls’ boyfriend. Mike is gay, but in the closet at work. College football in Texas and gay trainers do not match. Thus, the scene is set for the meet of our two MCs.

Our two leading men have conflicts and personal issues by the bucket load! And joining them whilst they try to work through these, as well as trying to identify Darryls’ attackers is a great read. Dylan is stubbornly avoiding his sexuality – continuing to claim he is not gay – even whilst actually being in a “friends with benefits” relationship with Mike.

This story is sweet, annoying, funny, romantic and hot! AK Mitchell writes great sex! She kind of makes me want to be male and gay! And I always quite enjoyed being female up till now 😉

I recommend this series for everyone who enjoys romance and also as a great way to introduce yourself to M/M romance.

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