Review of Continental Divide by Laura Harner and Lisa Worrall

Continental Divide (Separate Ways, #1)Continental Divide by Laura Harner

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

1-1.5 stars

*****Warning: spoilers ahead******

I am all for suspending belief and just going with the flow, but this pushed the outer limits of what i was capable off…

Meet Remy and Jamie, the two most unprofessional and incompetent cops you’ll ever meet. They are working separately on a missing persons case on each side of the atlantic, when separate interpol searches ends up matching their two cases as one.

Through an unbelievable series of events the two end up being sent undercover to take down a human trafficking / pedophile business. And this is where the real ‘fun’ begins.

Remy and Jamie cannot stand each other, but also cannot help having a lot of angry sex together, except that the line between love and hate is apparently wafer thin, because suddenly they actually love each other. How that came about, I will never know, because the two never have an actual conversation – not even about the case!
I am assuming that the raving jealousy Remy feels when Jamie tries to get close to their target, is what I should perceive as love? But it only came across as unprofessional behavior and an extremely unattractive personality flaw.

They do a bit of dodgy police work here and there – Remy even goes AWOL in the middle of the case and does some “work” on a completely unrelated case in the middle of it, set up for book two, I am guessing. But they never work together though, and they never discuss their findings – mostly they just fuck or monologue in their heads about the other being sooo attractive and what not…. Luckily the criminals they are after, are equally dense and the case ends up being solved through some star trek puns. Great work guys!

I listened to the audio version, which was the only reason I could manage to finish this book. The narration was fine – and was very impressed that I couldn’t hear the narrator rolling his eyes.

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