Review of Double Takes by K. Vale

Double Takes (Shooting Stars, #2)Double Takes by K. Vale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second book in K. Vale’s Shooting stars series, the books are loosely linked and this book can easily be read as a stand alone, even if we do re-visit Alex and Chance from book 1. For those of us who have read book 1, it was a sweet treat to be invited to Alex and Chance’s wedding 🙂

This is the story of singer Gio Salante and antique dealer Lance Garrett. When we first meet Gio his life is not exactly going well. He has reached 40, his band – which was a huge success a decade ago – is desperate to make a come back, he is in divorce proceedings with his wife and desperately trying to retain custody of his son. If that wasn’t enough, he has agreed to shoot a reality show about the band, to aid their come back and make some money fast.

He meets Lance when he goes to his shops to sell off furniture, jewelery and handbags left behind by his wife, when she moved in with her new lover. Gio is more or less straight, although he has fooled around with guys earlier in his life, but since he was high on drink, drugs and rock n roll at the time, it doesn’t really count in his head. He did however state in one of these old interviews, that he was bi, and the tv executives feel that introducing a boyfriend to the reality show, might spice things up a bit.

Gio is insanely attracted to Lance, and the fact that Lance denies the cameras access to him only adds to his appeal. But trying to conduct an off camera relationship with a man, whilst in divorce proceedings with your wife and a tv crew is following your every step and you have a fake boyfriend hanging off your arm, isn’t easy.

The story is fast paced, humorous and very easily read. It is a perfect rainy day afternoon, even if I did feel that the ending was a little bit too smooth and easy. Ms Vales writing is lovely and flows easily and both characters grabs you right away. The side characters are interesting and sympathetic as well, and I will definitely be getting book three to read Kyrie and Greg’s story!

I would give this story 4 solid stars and would recommend both this and the earlier book in the series.

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