Review of Frog by Mary Calmes

FrogFrog by Mary Calmes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Still enjoyable in audioformat.

This might be the only Mary Calmes book I really like, even if it is still saccharine sweet and Webber is just a tad too perfect. But he pulls it off with his southern gentleman routine.

KC Kelly is not a narrator I usually enjoy, but for this his slow drawling mature voice was actually perfect.

Original review of story, when read in book form.

3.5-4 stars

This story is the book equivalent of a big warm hug.

It is so incredibly sweet, that it should have been nauseating, and yet, it just ends up being comforting and nice.

Weber and Cy have had a series of hook ups during the last three years, whenever Weber was passing through on the rodeo circuit. This time, when Weber comes for a visit, things conspire to keep him there for longer than a few days.

The story follows Cy and Webers relationship as it develops from casual hook up to Happy ever after via Cy’s family, sister and her kids. Really, its terribly predictable and Weber is just too much of a knight in shining armor / perfect southern gentleman of a different age. But I loved it all the same…

The reason for it not being a 5 star read is that I really didn’t feel that we got to know Cy and he didn’t really grow through the story, as Weber did. And also, there is really no conflict – except for the inner whining of both characters (which did get a bit old after a while…)

I would recommend this to people with romantic souls who needs a warm and sweet pick-me-up!

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