Review of Loving Jay by Renae Kaye

Loving JayLoving Jay by Renae Kaye

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really need to review this one, as it is one of my favourite re-reads on audio.

This is Renae Kaye at her finest. Fun, light and sweet with just the tiniest bit of coming out angst.

Liam is not gay, he can’t be, but he is incredibly attracted to the flamboyant young man he sees on the train every morning. A missed train becomes an opportunity to finally getting to talk to him after months of admiring him from afar.
Jay is unapologetically gay. Flamboyant, effeminate, wears makeup, ear studs and an eclectic colorful wardrobe. The two bond over coffee and commuting and a mutual attraction that neither of them acknowledges out loud, as Liam doesn’t voice the fact that it is even an option.

Their shared journey through friendship towards a relatuonship and Liams journey out of his closet is fun, charming and super sweet. The audio is narrated by Dave Gillies and he does a great job in my opinion. I have listened to it several times in the car and every time has been great.

Warmly recommended in either format.

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