Review of Make Me Whole by Marguerite Labbe

Make Me WholeMake Me Whole by Marguerite Labbe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

In ancient Greece the lovers Dexios and Lykon pledge a vow in the name of the goddess Cythera to commit to each other, once the war is over. When the day arrives Lykon begs for time to think it through. Hurt and angry Dexios leaves Lykon behind.

The goddess is angered by their actions and curse the couple. Dexios who had no patience, is transformed into 4 statues, bound to wait for all eternity for his fickle lover to break the curse and make him whole.
Lykon is sentenced to watch over and care for the statues, with the knowledge that he will not be reunited with his love in this lifetime and that the future reincarnations of his soul will have to break the curse.

In modern day Seattle Galen Kanellis runs a museum, displaying art by gay artists and celebrating gay love and eroticism. Four huge crates appear in his stockroom, just as he is trying to tie together a new homoerotic display. The four statues of Dexios.
Nick Charisteas has spent his life chasing the family myth of Dexios and Lykon, somehow believeing that every wrong in his life would be made right if only he can find the statues, that pop up and disappear time and again through history.

Galen and Nick both have issues from their past influencing their decision making, as well as a shared past of hooking up and having casual sex, until Nick got to attached and Galen walked away. Now they come together again, to try and break the curse and make the collection of statues whole.

The book contains the two love stories of Dexios and Lykon and Galen and Nick. And even though it is 4 separate men and two different romances set apart by centuries, it is also the same story and the same people. Same but different.

In spite of the centuries passing, love is love and people are imperfect. And the reincarnations of Dexios and Lykons souls continue to make the same mistakes that the original lovers did and fail to break the curse, over and over again. History truly repeats itself! And you know what they say: You cannot continue doing the same thing and then expecting a different outcome!

Nick and Galen are no different. I wanted to slap both of them several times. And in the end, it actually became a bit too much for me. Nicks insecurities became too much and the miscommunication a little too lengthy in the end, and that is the main reason why this is not a 5 star read for me.
Both men had plenty of issues, don’t get me wrong, there was truth behind the angst and pride and fear. It was just a little too longwinded…

But aside from that, I really enjoyed the story – I was hooked from the start and read it in one setting – I am writing this review at half past 1 in the morning on a weekday, where my alarm will be gong off in about 5 hours! That ought to tell you something!

I enjoyed the way the two stories overlapped and complemented each other. Every time a new snippet of Dexios and Lykons story was revealed, you just knew you would be getting the same pattern in the modern setting and it kind of made me want to scream at the reader…
And I enjoyed the magical / mystical happenings in the present day setting, even if I think that Galen and Nick handled it a little too well. I would have been freaking out, had it happened to me!

There were a few issues of both Galens and Nicks past that I would have liked to know more about, but it wasn’t vital to the story, so it’s probably just me being nosy…

All in all a very recommendable read, with a lovely magical / mythical mystery part which just added to it’s charm. I would definitely pick up another book by this author.

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