Review of Rainbow Blues by K.C. Burn

Rainbow BluesRainbow Blues by K.C. Burn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 solid stars

Well, wasn’t that just sweet? Lovely little story about coming out late in life. A bit too insta-love-ish for my liking, but Luke and Jimmy were just so asorable, that I could roll with it.

Luke is 43, out since his divorce two years prior, and completely stuck in a lonely little life of work and isolation. The only highlight are his sunday brunches with his grown up son, Zach. Zach ends up forcing his father out of his isolation by signing him up for a gay men’s social club, specifically for blue collar workers, Rainbow Blues.

Through this social network Luke suddenly gets a life: Friends, social interaction and trips on the town. On one such trip to the theater he meets Jimmy, the lead in the play. And after that Luke is a goner. Their meet is probably one of the sweetest ‘eyes meet across a crowded room’-scenes ever. And the two are lovely together, right from the start. Insecurities, flaws and all.

Jimmy is 38, a high school teacher who acts in his spare time, still pining about the Hollywood dream he had to leave behind when he was a youngster. He puts his heart and blood into his acting, but his passion has been the reason for most of his failed relationships in the past, so even if he is as drawn to Luke as Luke is to him, he is a bit wary to begin with.

These two are wonderful together. Honest and refreshing, even if they move incredibly fast. But life is what happens when you are busy making other plans and when Hollywood comes calling, Jimmy’s dreams of a life with Luke versus his life long dream of being a film star suddenly collide.

This is a slow and sweet story, which mainly revolves around the relationship of these two middleaged men, as well as Luke’s adjustments to the life he wants to live and Jimmy learning what dreams are really important.
It is well written and flows nicely, even the insta love, the frustrating fade to black sex scenes (I wanted to know!) and the kind of annoying ‘I am doing this because I love you’ conflict at the end, is not enough to stop me from warmly recommending this story.

Post script: Did KC Burns ever write Ryan’s story? Because I would read that!

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