Review of Service by David Monster


My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

George loses his parents, when he is just a toddler and is raised on his grandmothers estate in isolation, being home schooled by a distant cousin. At 16 he is shipped off to an all boy’s boarding school to sit his exams, before applying to college.
Here he meets Steven, who’s a year older, and a lot more worldly and the two embark on a relationship, struggling to figure out their own feelings, their sexuality and becoming adults.

There was a really great story, somewhere in there, unfortunately the execution of it lacked. I admire the author for trying something new. The entire story is told through snippets from George’s journal and scenes being set up with stage directions. Unfortunately this backfired – at least for me. It removed me completely from the story and relegated me to the role of spectator to a movie. And as a movie it was way too long and with way too little action. And I never warmed to the main characters. Steven was too two dimensional and George came across as whiny and insecure.

I think, that if the author tightened this up – I believe it could easily be cut in half, there are quite a few sub-plots that really never go anywhere and are of no consequence or interest to the main story – and re-wrote it, with a lot more show instead of tell, it could become a great emotional coming of age story.

The characters were very young, which I guess excuses their extremely juvenile behavior and the tiring dramatics from George, but due to their youth I also cannot believe the HEA. I would have been a lot happier with an ending without the LA scenes and a HFN. The boys are 18 after all, a true HEA is just not believable at that age, in my opinion.

All through the book, I was trying to figure out the meaning behind the title – but I never got it.

2 stars.

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