Review of Sweet Southern Hustle by Johnathan North

Sweet Southern Hustle (Hotlanta Nights, # 1)Sweet Southern Hustle by Johnathan North

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was a really great idea, but it suffered due to the lack of length.

Mark is recently divorced and finally ready to admit he is gay, so he heads off to Atlanta for some man on man action. Here he meets Danny, a down on his lick construction worker, who is willingto sell himself for the night.

The story was way too rushed. Either it should have just been an erotic short or a slice of life tale with Marks realization being in the forefront, or it should have been at least twice the length, in order for this relationship to develop organically.

As it were, the author had to cramp about 100 pages of back story into about 5 pages, which came out as exhausting and inappropriate info dumps, where the characters just unload their entire life story on a stranger.

I would have loved to read this story about the hustler falling in love with his virgin John. But As far fetched as that trope may be, the fact that it happened in the span of about 30 pages made it even more unbelievable. Great idea, but lacking in execution.

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