Review of The Way You Are by L.J Mile

The Way You AreThe Way You Are by L.J. Mile

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3-3.5 stars

This was sweet and unusual enough to make an impression. Robert is the only child of a very conservative couple with great expectations for their beloved son. Unfortunately Robert can live up to these expectations, because Robert is gay. He tried hiding it, from both his parents and himself by binge eating junks food and sweets. This works well for years, until he goes away to college and ends up rooming with Pete, who is not only gay, but also attracted to big guys like Robert.

This was a slow moving sweet and angsty story. Robert is a horrible emtional mess for most of the story and although I did feel very very sorry for him I had a harder time forgiving his actions than Pete did.

Pete is almost too good to be true and so is his family. But they balance out the misery which is Roberts life nicely. As I said, Pete is more forgiving than I was, so we get our happy ending.

Lovely little story about finding happiness and learning to be happy with yourself, just as you are.

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