Review of Trusting Thomas by K.C. Wells

Trusting Thomas (Collars and Cuffs, #2)Trusting Thomas by K.C. Wells

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Second in the Collars and Cuffs series and a definite improvement to the first book. The BDSM is still a bit too neat, nice and tidily formalized for me personal preference and it was very very light in this book. In fact other than one session of bondage and a blindfold there are no BDSM scenes between the two leads. Peters submission is in his domestic serving of Thomas.
The book is very much a hurt comfort story and not really a BDSM story at all. In fact, there is very little on page sex at all

Peter is rescued from an abusive dom at the beginning of the book and placed in Thomas’ care. the plan is for the boy to heal mentally and physically and then for Thomas to train him for another Dom.

I enjoyed the book, but I felt a bit cheated when it came to the relationship. Given the horrific sexual abuse Peter had been through, I would have liked to have been witness to the two overcoming this, but except for the very first scene, we really don’t see them together. We are just told, that they have been to the playroom.

There is a 30 year age difference between the two, which is hard for Thomas to overcome, even if it isn’t an issue to Peter. I would have liked a bit of discussion on the possibility of Peters love for Thomas being merely gratitude, he is, after all, the only person who have given Peter any sort of affection in years…

Leo and Alex play a big part of the story and several other characters are introduced who will most probably be characters in other books in the series. I liked this book enough, that I will probably pick up the next one, if the blurb sound interesting.

3-3.5 stars


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