Review of Where the Allegheny Meets the Monongahela by Felicia Watson

Where the Allegheny Meets the MonongahelaWhere the Allegheny Meets the Monongahela by Felicia Watson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5-5 stars

Phew! What a read! I reed this book in one sitting, all through sunday, and really really enjoyed it, although it was in no way an easy reading experience. I was shocked, angry, sad, felt compelled to slap both MCs and happy as well. So many emotions. I feel tired!

The story revolves around Logan, who is in court appointed anger management therapy after abusing his wife, and Nick, who is a counselor at a crisis center for abused women. Nick is openly gay, whereas Logan is so deeply closeted he cannot even admit to himself that he is gay. The couple meet when Logan is being told to do volunteer work for the center, as part of his rehabilitation.

The pair bond over a vintage sportscar. These meetings leave both of them confused. Logan because he cannot admit, even to himself, what it is he really wants. And Nick because his world is highly compartmentalised and Logan is supposed to fit into the role of “abuser” and not someone he could be attracted to.

I was quite shocked when the story started out, as the very first chapter retells the evening which landed Logan in therapy. And how do you go from that? When you have introduced one of your heroes as a short tempered bastard who badly hurts his wife? But ms Watson manages this feat very nicely, and although I may not agree with Logans actions, I could sympathise with the strain the poor guy couldn’t voice and yet had to live with every day for the last many many years.

There is great character growth throughout the story and you really start rooting for both heroes. Although I must admit, that there were times when I also wanted to slap them! But I guess the evasiveness and failing to recognise the truth, behaving cowardly etc. is a lot more real and human than anything else would have been.

All in all, a very emotional but very recommendable story. For days when you want a bit more than a bit of fluff. Be warned though that there are some very heavy topics being discussed here. Wife battery, murder, suicide, GBH and violence both on and off page.

PS. I love the title!

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