Review of The Duchess War by Courtney Milan

The Duchess War (Brothers Sinister, #1)The Duchess War by Courtney Milan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It always amazes me, how different people are. I was shocked to see so many bad or midling reviews of this book. This was the book that made me realise, that historical romance was NOT the Barbara Cartland stories I remebered from my early teens, when I read it just after it came out. I had fallen in love with Ms Milan’s writing after reading some of her shorts, including The Governess Affair, which was the prelude to this series.

Now I have purchased all of the books in the Brother Sinister series on audio too, including the two companion novellas, and are happily making my way through them.

If you – like me – love strong heroines and men who are not afraid of that strength, intricate plots with political references to the time in which the stories take place, you will love the Brother Sinister series. Be sure to read the prelude novella, it is, in my opinion, one of the best short historical romances you will ever read. Warmly recommended.

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