Review of Trick by Patricia Logan

Trick (Master's Boys #1)Trick by Patricia Logan

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

1-1.5 stars

Tricks is 18 and living on the streets, selling his body to survive. Master Phoenix picks him up one night and decides to train him to be a sub for the online web streaming company he works for:

The idea had merit, but the execution sorely lacked. Master P was without a doubt one of the worst Doms I have ever read! And dear lord, free me from all knowing Doms who will negate other peoples opinions, because they apparently know better!

I think the lack of length harmed this story a lot – it ends at 85% – we have no idea about these characters other than a very 2-dimensional view of a stereotypical dom and a too innocent to believe rent boy. If Trick has lived on the streets for 4 years when we meet him, I cannot believe he has so little street savvy, he would have wised up or been dead by now…

Master Phoenix was apparently named Ivan? And there were some notion of a back story, which made me think that this was a spin off from another series or book? I don’t know. It ends on a HFN note, but there are 3 more in the series, so this couple will probably crop up again at some point later in the series.

This was not for me. But if you are looking for a quick read with quite a high sex to plot ratio, it might be for you.

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