Review of The Law of Attraction by Jay Northcote

The Law of AttractionThe Law of Attraction by Jay Northcote

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was one of the lucky winners in a giveaway for this audiobook. Thank you, Jay Northcote. It was a great listen and I think it must be one of the steamiest books Jay has ever written.

Alec is a workaholic, a lawyer on the cusp of making partner and deep in the closet. His love life consists of one night stands once in a while when the urge takes him.

Alec’s neatly compartmentalised life come crashing down one monday morning when his weekends’ one night stand, Ed, suddenly shows up in the office as the new temp on his team. Ed is everything Alec is not. He is out and proud, honest and out going with good friends and a loving family.

The tension between Alec and Ed is great and the ‘my hook up is my new boss’ scenario is an absolute favourite of mine. Such a deliciously awkward situation to be in.
And hot illicit office sex after hours? Need I say more… *fanning myself*

Alec and Ed struggle along, fighting their attraction, working together and slowly getting to know and like one another. The relationship develops organically and you understand each character’s decision about their life, even if you may not agree with why they did what they did.

Ed is a strong character and refuse to be anyone’s dirty little secret, but Alec is so deeply closeted, that he even has a long term ‘girlfriend’, who has been introduced both at work and to his family. As his feelings for Ed deepens he realises that he may not be able to find a way out of his own tangled web of lies, even if he dared to.

This is a great story, highly recommended. I did have a few niggles with the narration though, as I didn’t feel Matthew Lloyd Davies did Alec justice in his narration of him. It just felt a bit off now and then. I would still recommend the audiobook though as the story is great and the narrator has a very pleasant reading voice, would have just enjoyed a bit more ‘acting’ in the voices.

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