Review of Wes’ Denial by Joseph Lance Tonlet

Wes' Denial (Tease and Denial, #2)Wes’ Denial by Joseph Lance Tonlet

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s 6.30 in the morning and I am a sobbing mess! Review to come!


I have waited years, well ok, a year and a half, for this story. I almost wanted to slap Joseph Lance Tonlet, and declare October 1st 2015 a day of mourning, when he postponed the release date. I even speculated if the evil man had planned it that way, to ensure that the series lived up it’s name…
That also meant, that I had pretty high expectations of this book. And I am happy to say, that they were met and that Wes’ story was worth the wait.

This book cannot be read as a stand alone, you need to pick up Grif’s Toy first, as this one continues right were we left of, this time through Wes’ eyes. Like the first book the author chose time jumps to slowly build the complex puzzle that is Wes De Luca. I thought it worked well in Grif’s Toy, but man does it work here. Every chapter and new facet shown made me want more.

We see snippets of teenage Wes, exploring his sexuality and his dominance, his experiences in boot camp in his early twenties and him developing as a Dom in his thirties. But mainly we see him and Grif develop and grow together and it is beautiful and so romantic.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still kink here, in fact there’s a lot and Grif and Wes expand Chocolate quite a bit during the course of the book, and yet, just like in Grif’s Toy, the author manages to convey clearly the incredible love between the two. You are never left in any doubt as to whether they are both completely into what they are doing. Because, at it’s core, this series is actually an incredibly sweet romance. And that, to me, is quite an amazing feat!

I am aware, that this may leave the author with a book that does not speak to everyone. Readers looking for the sadism, might find it ‘diluted’ by the ‘fluffy stuff’ and fluff readers may be scared off by the level of sadism and humiliation. But for me, it works perfectly.

I had a few niggles a long the way, but since I stayed up all night, finished reading this as the sun came up, sitting in my sofa crying uncontrollably, there is no way I will be able to grant this less than 5 stars.

Warmly recommended, but be aware of the tags and that you need to read both books.

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