Review of The Weight of it All by N.R. Walker

The Weight of It AllThe Weight of It All by N.R. Walker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I want to hug this book close to my heart and pet it. And then I want to be Henry’s BFF. 4EVAH!

I loved this book. To pieces. It was completely and utterly adorable and since I already know it’ll be a favourite feel-good re-read for me and that I will be getting the audio as soon as it is released, I may as well just go ahead and give it 5 stars right away.

Henry is an actuary, who is unceremoniously dumped by his boyfriend of 8 years, for being too old and too fat. This ends up being the wake up call that sends him to the gym where he meets his new personal trainer, Reed. A God-like being with a body to die for and a personality to match.

Henry and Reed’s relationship moves slowly and organically and is a pleasure to watch unfold. Both characters are sympathetic, Henry is hilarious, shy honest Reed is cuddle-worthy and you root for them and their happy ending. The secondary characters are wonderful too and you wish you had friends like Annika and Sean. And yes, it may all be a little too sweet and a little too easy, but it’s just so lovely and makes you feel so happy, that you cannot hold it against the story.

This is warmly recommended for a day when you need that little ray of sunshine to pick you up – the HEA is so lovely it made me tear up!

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