Review of David’s Selfie by Daisy Harris

David's SelfieDavid’s Selfie by Daisy Harris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5-4 stars.

This was a super sweet little christmas story about David, who is a Doctor, a widower and a single dad to 3 yr old Maia. He has devoted his entire life to his daughter and his patients and all he wants for christmas is to get laid!

He manages to wrangle a few hours to himself on a friday night, to go to a club to meet a guy he has connected with online. As he waits for his hook up, he falls madly in lust with the oiled up, gyrating go-go boy on stage, even if he realises immediately, that a man with a body like that is way out of his league. When his online hook up turns up at the bar, he is unfortunately absolutely not David’s type and he chickens out, hides in the bathroom and then quickly sneaks out, leaving his phone behind.

Craig is the go-go boy / man. He works as a dancer on weekends, and as a Zumba instructor during the week, whilst trying to finish his degree. He finds David’s phone in the bathroom and thumbs through it, trying to find it’s owner, accidentally discovering a whole lot of pictures of a cute kid and one dick pic. He likes what he sees and when the phone rings he agrees to meet in person to return the phone.

The characters in this story felt like they were real people, with flaws, which was nice. David wears glasses, was married to a woman, but never hid his bisexuality, he is not in great shape, a bit soft around the edges and hasn’t seen the inside of a gym in forever. His main priority in life is his kid, a kid which is cute, but luckily does not take over the story.
Craig has a fantastic body, toned by hours and hours of Zumba, but he is also insecure and secretive due to his past as a foster kid in the system. He hides quite a lot of things from David, but when the truth comes out, the two actually communicates about it, which was a nice touch.

There is very little angst, some steamy rough sex and a lot of sweetness in this book. We get both MC’s POV, which was nice, but the formatting in the Kindle version sometimes made that a bit abrupt, as the switch wasn’t clearly marked.

The epilogue will have you smiling, it’s so cute. Warmly recommended christmas story.

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