Review of Flawed Perfection by M.A. Innes

Flawed PerfectionFlawed Perfection by M.A. Innes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was super cute. I know it states in the blurb that this is a puppy play novel, and it does contain some puppy play, but mostly it is an incredibly sweet romance between two roommates and a lovely story about finding out who you are and what you want.

Nathan is a forensic accountant who lives in his own head. He has a squirrely brain and no brain to mouth filter. He is sweetness personified but really do need a keeper. He has one, in the shape of his roommate Gabriel, who discreetly manages Nathan whilst quietly obsessing over how attractive he is and how much he wants him.

Nathan is a virgin, not from any hard held beliefs, but only due to the fact that he has never gotten interested enough in anyone to go any further than casual dating. He is not sure if he is gay or straight or bi or something else, because nothing feels right. When he accidentally finds out that his roommate seems to be into BDSM and puppy play however, he is intrigued.

Nathan is a great character, because not only is he completely clueless, he is also curious and has no social inhibitions, so he googles and asks the questions the reader has about the lifestyle and the kink. This is a common theme in M.A. Innes’ work, that the author always tries to educate the reader as to what the participants may get out of the specific kink. And he always manages to do it in a way that never makes it seem like he is info-dumping on you.

This is a lot more romance than it is erotica, despite the puppy play and the steamy scenes the main focus of the book is Nathan’s road to discovery of he his and what he wants. Very sweet story and probably a good gateway book for people interested in puppy play as a kink, explanatory without being preachy and nothing too hardcore for a newbie.

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