Review of Summer Heat by Jay Northcote

Summer HeatSummer Heat by Jay Northcote

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

The perfect beach read. Sweet, fluffy and sexy, a lovely little friends to lovers romance with no angst and lots of sunshine and sexy fun.

Adam is dumped by his long term boyfriend, in favour of someone younger and flees to his best friend Finn’s flat to lick his wounds. The two decide to go on the pre-booked holiday, Adam was supposed to take with his ex. A holiday with fun, sun and rebound sex seems to be just what the doctor ordered for Adam. Except that the rebound sex doesn’t happen with strangers, it happens with Finn. And once they start kissing, it seems impossible for them to stop.

Finn and Adam are super cute together and the story has a lovely holiday feel to it. Fun, fluffy and sweet. This is not my favourite of Jay’s stories, but it’s cute, funny and steamy and a perfect summer holiday read.

**I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

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Review of True Colors by Anyta Sunday

True Colors (True Love, #2)True Colors by Anyta Sunday

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

***I received a free copy of this book from, in exchange for an honest review***

3-3.5 stars
This is a love story, no doubt about that, there is a romance in there, but it is mainly a story about friendship and forgiveness.

Marco and Oskar have been best friends through all of their childhood, weathering happiness and sorrow, including Marco’s mother dying in a horrific car accident which leaves Marco scarred for life, until 16 year old Oskar betrays his best friend out of fear, right when Marco needed him most to stand up for him.
The boys have been out of touch for four years when our story begins and Oskar returns from Mannheim to Berlin to continue his university degree there. Marco, now twenty, is not ready to let go of his hurt and anger towards Marco or to be truthful to him or his family about who he really is.

This is a slowburn romance and a slowburn getting back to being friends kind of story. The secondary characters, Marco’s Opa and Papa, as well as Oskar’s sister Zoe and Marco’s friend Elena are lovely and it was a very enjoyable read all in all.

I never did really connect to Oskar though, I felt Marco’s pain and humiliation and Marco must be a better person than me, because I couldn’t completely let Oskar’s betrayal go, at least I needed more time.

All in all though, this is a very sweet and quite angsty slow burn romance, which I encourage you to give a try, it is not my favourite by this author though, but I can warmly recommend Anyta Sunda’s work nonetheless.

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Review of Fascinated by Jess Michaels

Fascinated: The Wicked WoodleysFascinated: The Wicked Woodleys by Jess Michaels

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from, for my reading pleasure.

This is a pretty standard historical romance: a house party, illicit meetings, parlour games that turns into touches and kisses etc. There is no subplot other than the two men’s own conflicted feelings and their shared connection to Letty, their hostess, Griffin’s sister and the widow of Aron’s deceased lover.

This is the 6th book in The Wicked Woodleys series by Jess Michaels. I have read this author before – though not this series. The blurb promises the book can be read as a stand alone and it does work that way, although I still felt I was lacking something… Not so much information, as build up of this relationship. I just didn’t feel the chemistry and tension between the two men, even if I was told they had been circling each other for years…

The story was easily read, sweet, a little bit angsty and enjoyable enough. Not so enjoyable though that I will return to read the books before it in the series and I predict it will be very easily forgotten too. However, I would read this author’s work again, for days when you need something light and easy for a quick read.

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Review of The Wizard’s Desire by Anna Wineheart

The Wizard's DesireThe Wizard’s Desire by Anna Wineheart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author, for my reading pleasure.  This has in no way affected my review of this book.

Kei hates anything to do with magic, since a wizard ruined his childhood by erasing his parent’s memory of him as their son, and his upstairs witch neighbour flooding his apartment does nothing to endear him to the magical folk. Neither does accidentally falling into an enchanted snow globe and being trapped there with a recluse of a wizard and a goat who despises him.

This story had a fun and interesting premise, but to me the pacing was too slow for the first half of the book and I had a trouble keeping interested. I never really warmed to either of the MC’s, which for me makes it harder to love a story. I found Kei rather annoying and Orion was just so insecure that he came across as pathetic. I understand that his act’s were kind of noble, but they just seemed cowardly to me.

After the halfway point though, the story and pacing picked up and I found it easier to keep interested. There was some lovely steamy scenes and the MC’s redeemed themselves slightly, even if I never actually got around to liking them and rooting for them. I really liked Billy though. I did not, however, like the epilogue. That was not enough for me, I am not as forgiving a soul as Kei, it would seem.

All in all, an interesting premise and a sweet story, which was just lacking a little for me, others have loved it, so please do not let my review stand alone if you are considering buying it. I enjoyed the writing well enough, that I would still try another book from this author.

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Review of Freckles by Amy Lane

FrecklesFreckles by Amy Lane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from in exchange for an honest review.

I am a big fan of Amy Lane’s christmas stories. In fact, her Christmas Kitsch may be one of my favourite re-reads ever. She has a knack for doing cute and fluffy with an emotional punch. So when I saw this one, I was all over it. Amy Lane, christmas fluff and a puppy? Sign me up!
Carter is a lawyer, working for an absolute douchebag of a man. He hates his job, his boyfriend just dumped him and he is in general just a very lonely and dissatisfied person. One afternoon on his way home from work a puppy is pushed into his unwilling arms and he is left trying to figure out what to do with it. He decides to keep it, goes to the vet and meets Sandy, a vet tech who studies veterinary medicine.

Now, I am a dog person to the nth degree. I own 3 beautiful girls and my life more or less revolve around them and the work we do together. I am also a hard core advocate for pets not being impulse buys! I tried to not let Carter’s impulse decision sway me though, I ignored all the things I would have done differently in living with this pup (not once in my many years as a puppy owner have I ever had pee pads in my home), because really, these things were not important. I knew that freckles needed to be chaotic to shake Carter up, to get him to re-evaluate his life. And she did that.

The story is sweet and fluffy, the main characters are likeable and sympathetic, the writing flowed beautifully but there was not the usual emotional punch, that I expect from Ms. Lane’s writing. Many of the secondary characters seemed superfluous or caricaturish instead of adding to the story and the relationship.

All in all, it was a sweet story, but it missed the mark just a tad based on my expectations. But the pup was cute and it’s still a nice little christmas story.

Freckles will be released on November 14th 2016.

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Review of Out of My Mind by A.J. Truman

Out of My Mind (Browerton University, #3)Out of My Mind by A.J. Truman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve read the first book of this series and really enjoyed it, so I had pretty high expectations going into this one. All the books in the series works as a stand alone, so you can jump in where ever you want without missing anything.

Mac and Gideon meet in freshman year of college, striking up a conversation, which Mac sees as flirting. One thing lead to another, which leads to a private kiss and Gideon storming off in a huff. The two meet again a couple of years later, when Gideon needs a roommate after his girlfriends bails on moving in with him.

The tension between the two is high, but they are both in a tight spot and decide to give it a chance. Living in close quarters eventually bring the tension to a boil and the two end up having a casual hook up thing going on, except that there are weird rules in place, for Gideon to be able to continue his ‘I am not gay’ denial.

The pair go back and forth on each other a lot in the book and a lot of outside drama takes place to further the waves too. And I think that was where the main problem lay for me. It was all just a bit too abrupt and choppy, with too little of the emotions behind the abruptness showing through.

There was a really good angsty story hidden in there somewhere. I loved Gideon’s inner ‘Jewish guilt’ voice, that told stories about how the gossipy whispers at the temple saw him. I wish that had been a recurring theme through out the story, except only a few bits in the middle. I also loved the start where Mac the sociology student predicts his ‘human experiments. But after that strong start Mac became almost anonymous until at the very end.

It was still an oks tory and I would still try the next one in the series by this author, but this one was a miss for me.

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Review of All about the Boy by P.A. Friday

All About the BoyAll About the Boy by P.A. Friday

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

This is a quickly read erotica anthology with 3 very short stories, all containing some kind of BDSM elements. Overall I would probably rate the anthology 2.5-3 stars.

The first story: Pretty Little Straight Boy, could have been a 4 star read, if not for the lack of length. The shortness of the story made it very rushed, and I lacked the emotions between the two. Stefan going from ‘ladies man’ to ‘I want to suck you’ without any delay was a bit too abrupt to be believable for me. 3 stars.

The second story: Making amends, I had issues with. Not due to one of the MC’s having sex with someone outside the relationship, but due to the circumstances surrounding it. I don’t mind dub con stories, but it put some serious doubts in my mind about the relationship between Jake and Allessandro, the way their dynamic worked made no sense to me. Being ‘given’ to another dom for service is not unheard of, but Jake didn’t want to. It gave him nothing, and he found no pleasure in pleasing his master this way either… Maybe it was again the lack of length creating difficulties, maybe I just needed more background story between the two? 2 stars.

The third and final story: Office Politics, could have been some seriously hot office porn with voyerism and exhibitionism thrown in, but it took a weird violent turn that didn’t really make sense to me. I enjoyed Kel and Peter together, but Dean completely ruined the story for me. 2.5 stars

All in all, it was well written erotica, and easily read, but when the kinks turn rough I need more depth of character than what I was given here. Would still recommend it for someone looking for a quick and dirty night cap with a rough twist.

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