Review of An Unnatural Vice by K.J. Charles

An Unnatural Vice (Sins of the Cities, #2)An Unnatural Vice by K.J. Charles

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4-4.5 stars

The second installment in KJ Charles’ Sins of the cities series is a wonderful enemies to lovers story, with two completely opposite men clashing on every page, with a great deal of angry sex to follow, but also some fantastic character growth.

Each book revolves around a new couple, but the overall mystery story arc continues, so you really need to read the series in order to get the full picture.

Justin Lazarus is know as “The seer of London”, a complete fraud and charlatan, he has no issue with manipulating and tricking people in grief, when he pretends to speak to their loved ones ‘behind the veil’. Justin knows no guilt for his actions, quite the opposite, if someone is stupid enough to pay him to lie to their face, why shouldn’t he?

When Justin is set opposite to Nathaniel Roy, whom we met in book one, the arch bishops son, a trained barrister and investigative journalist, with a strict moral code, who lost the love of his life in a freak accident, sparks fly.

The two suffer an instant mutual dislike and also a fierce mutual attraction. When the ongoing mystery and drama of the late earl’s bigamy and lost heir bring them together over and over again. The attraction wins over the dislike.

Nathaniel and Justin are great together. Everything about them is opposite. Their upbringing, their moral codex, their thoughts about friendship, love and humanity as a whole. It leads to a fascinating tale of opposites and enemies to lovers.

The plot thickens in the mystery too, and although I guessed who the lost heir was right off the bat, there are still a lot of things left unsolved for the next book. I cannot wait to read it! Warmly recommended.

I received a free copy of this book from, for my reading pleasure.

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Review of The Ruin of Gabrial Ashleigh by K.J. Charles

The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh (Society of Gentlemen, #0.5)The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh by K.J. Charles

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fun little story from the universe of A Socity of Gentlemen. Works fine as a stand alone novella. Nice to see how Ash and Francis began and to get to know Ash a little better.

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Review of A Seditious Affair by K.J. Charles

A Seditious Affair (Society of Gentlemen, #2)A Seditious Affair by K.J. Charles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! I am not sure I breathed at all through this. It was so fast paced and furious that I just couldn’t stop reading.

This is the second book in The Society of Gentlemen, and even though I guess you could read it as a stand alone, I wouldn’t advice it, as you would lose an awful lot of backstory that adds to the richness of the character gallery, the setting and the story itself.

Dominic and Isaac are opposites in every way it is possible to be. Class, opinions, wealth, upbringing, beliefs, occupation, well, you get the idea. And yet they are absolutely right for one another. Where the first one of this series was a story of assimilation: Harry and Julius both being chameleons, bendable and movable and not ones to cause waves, except in the fashion choices. Isaac and Dominic are their exact opposites. None of them bendable in the least, they believe in their own cause staunchly and are not willing to compromise and yet, they find, in each other, a way to realise that the world may not be as black and white as they believe.

If you are looking for sweetness and light, you will not find it here. The romance is set in between real life historical and political events and this may not work for every reader, but for me it only highlighted the romance between the two. The softening of corners is beautifully done through both men’s point of view, through debate, conversation, books and poetry. And oddly enough through very rough sex, submission and domination.

Isaac and Dominic’s story also touch many of the other ‘Ricardians’, it changes friendships and to some extent, beliefs. I enjoyed Harry and Julius’ story, but I loved this one. and I cannot wait for Richard’s story. Off to preorder!

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